The pizza that made Willington famous


About us

Willington Pizza was opened in 1978 by Jeff Kelly. The original restaurant had 4 tables and was basically run as a one-man operation. By 1981, Willington Pizza outgrew its original location and moved to the location where it is currently located. Since then, the restaurant has continued to grow and can now sit over 200 people. In 1988, Jeff opened a 2nd location,Willington Pizza Too, offering the same great pizza with slightly different menu. Both restaurants have received numerous awards and recognition, from Connecticut Magazine to Good Morning America, to the New York Times.

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Our Awards

First Place

Best Seafood Pizza of the Year

National Champions Las Vegas, Nevada

“Hot 100”

Of Pizza Restaurants in the Nation

Pizza Today (National pizza trade magazine)

"Eatery Honors Pizza Pizazz"

Featured in The Hartford Courant October 25, 1998.

"Say No To Pepperoni"

Featured in New York Times July 10, 1994.

"A Favorite Spot"

Featured in Journal Inquirer July 28, 1994.

"Pizza That Made Willington Famous"

Willimantic Chronicle, May 28, 1994.

"Best Pizza"

Connecticut Magazine Reader's Choice Tolland County.

"Best Pizza"

UConn Daily Campus

"This is really very good"

Harry Smith, CBS This Morning.

"This is my favorite"

Paula Zahn, CBS This Morning.

First Place

Best Exotic Pizza of the Year

National Champions Las Vegas, Nevada