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Ever wonder how your
Willington Pizza House pizza is made?

  • First, The dough is mixed. We use between 1,750 - 2,000 lbs. (one ton) of flour every week to make our dough.

  • Next, the dough is cut and rounded, then proofed (set aside to rise)
  • After the dough has been allowed to rise, it is hand stretched until it waits (but not very long) for your order. Once your order is taken, it is then sauced and cheesed (we go through about 1,500 lbs. of cheese every week) and gets ready for the works...

  • We've got anything you could ask for on a pizza. For those of you who prefer your basic pie, we go through 250 lbs of pepperoni, while we use 300 lbs. of red potatoes for our nationally award winning red potato pizza.
  • Then, your pizza is cooked fresh in our huge oven, to a perfect golden brown. Once it's done, it's immediately cut and served (or boxed for take out).

  • ...and here it is — fresh and pipin’ hot, ready for you to take home. Unless, of course, you’d rather join us in our spacious dining areas. We have seating for over 200, plus an outdoor patio, and 20 beers on tap.

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