No, sorry we do not deliver.

Large and small.
A large is 16′ and cut into 16 square slices, it generally feeds 3-4 adults
A small is 10″ and cut into 6 slices and generally feeds 1-2 adults

Whole and half.
Our whole grinders are 12″ and half grinders are 7-8″.

Our official policy is first come, first served, no reservations.
If you have a large group you are welcome to call us, we might be able to hold something for you during our slower periods.

We don’t cater but we can make large portions of many of our dinners.
We sell full and 1/2 trays of lasagna with at least 24 hours notice.

Give us a call if you would like something else and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Willington Pizza House has patio seating that is open weather permitting.
Willington Pizza Too does not have outside seating.

Willington Pizza House offers gluten free pizzas in small size only.  All of our toppings are gluten free with the exception of our eggplant, which is breaded.
Occasionally our pizza specials may contain a sauce or item that contains gluten, please be sure to ask before ordering.

Because of the nature of the pizza oven at Willington Pizza Too, Gluten Free pizzas are not sold there.

Unfortunately, No.  We have actually tried in the past but the shipping costs and costs associated with shipping food make it prohibitive so we have decided not to mail our pizzas.  You’ll have to stop by!

Beer and wine only (along with some hard cider and hard lemonades).

Yes of course, please ask us to pie cut you pizza when ordering.